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Esther Cho is a full-time Korean-American artist, designer, and woodworker in Richmond, VA. She attended Virginia Commonwealth University and received her dual BFA from the Departments of Interior Design and Craft and Material Studies in 2017. Esther’s practice involves the integration of these two disciplines and her identity as a Korean-American. She has also been awarded the 2017 Windgate Fellowship Award, one of the most prestigious and sought-after awards for emerging craft artists in the United States. Esther’s recent exhibitions include Tasmeem Doha at the VCUarts Depot Gallery, Richmond, Va; Re-Imagine, an interior design BFA thesis show, at M.o.b + Storefront, Richmond Va; Project1 Gallery, Richmond, Va; Anderson Gallery, Richmond, Va; and the Hawthorn Gallery. She is a recipient of multiple VCU Student Awards and Grants including the VCUarts Dean’s International Study Grant (2016) and the Undergraduate Research Grant (2016-2017).

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